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Bridal Information

Bridal Trial Advice -
A trial is highly recommended for a sneak peak into how you will look on your wedding day. Hair should be washed within 12 hours of your bridal up-style, but NOT the day of. If your hair is curly, blow dry and smooth as best you can without using a flat iron. This will allow your hair to cooperate fully with a curling iron.

Any hair accessories you will be wearing the day of, should be ready (Including your veil). Have pictures for inspiration... Sometimes a bride has a hard time explaining the style that she desires, but pictures help give a vision to the stylist and the bride. It's important that you feel like yourself!

Photos should be taken during your trial, allowing you to see what your hair will look like in a photograph before the big day. Taking photos during your trial also helps to recreate that perfect look for the day of. Wear a button down shirt so you don't have to remove it over your head later... and most of all have fun because your getting married!!

Wedding day -
Please contact for more information for on-site bridal styling and trials. Will travel on-site within the San Diego area.